Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Friday, May 8, 2009

BLOG CANDY!!!! {and a challenge!}

Okay - so I can't even give away blog candy without a challenge being involved. Is that a bad thing?!?! I guess that all depends on who you ask!

Back in February, I was celebrating my first Blog-a-versary! However, I han no Mojo and was creating NADA! So therefore, nobody was really looking at my blog, so why give away blog candy? So...since my mojo has returned, I have also hit 10,000 hits!! I am actually over 12,000! I find that AMAZING! So....that's where the blog candy part comes in. To be eligible for the candy, leave me a comment here telling me you are either already a follower of my blog or become a follower of my blog and then tell me you did in the comment section - that's it! I am thinking two weeks so May 22nd I will draw somebody from the comments to win the blog candy.

So the candy - and the challenge....

The forum of If The Shoe Fits has forum only challenges. This one was to alter a paint can. The only stipulation was you needed to use at least three embellishments. Mine are: ribbon, flowers, rhinestones and the die cut!

I also happen to use today's color challenge - which was black, yellow and grey. If you look at the post below, you will see the card I made using black, yellow and grey as well! The blog candy winner will also receive the card - because I do APPRECIATE everybody who stops by my blog.

You might be asking me what is technically the CANDY. Well, it's the can (and I want you to know that my altering of the can is only attached with scotch tape. Why? If you choose to keep my altering of it, you can permanently attach it once you receive it and two - if you want to alter it yourself, you can remove mine and alter away!! Also in the can: 2 jumbo clothespins, some Unity Stamps (I had duplicates), ribbons, a round coaster album, K & Co. paper ribbons, Doodlebug brads, Kim Hughes snowman stamp, crocheted flowers, and more!! Since the can isn't quite full yet, I will be adding to it.

The second piece of blog candy - 13 happens to be my lucky number - so if you happen to be my 13,000 visitor - you too will also get a prize - I haven't quite decided what that will be yet. I might even "taylor" it to the winner. You just need to show me a screen print. However, I am aware you could be the 13,000 visitor and not even realize it - so I will give you guys a second chance - if number 13,000 never shows up - I will give the prize to 13,013! So be sure to check the visitor counter when you visit, take a picture of the screen (either with your camera or as a screen print) and BLOG CANDY is YOURS!!!

In closing - I do appreciate my visitors, so be sure to watch the visitor counter and blog candy could be yours!!


tamara davis said...

This is totally cute, I joined your followers earlier in the week. Where in the world did you find a clear paint can?? Very cute!!

stillspastic said...

love the clear paint can, and your colour challenges turned out great! thanks for playing with us at the Shoe - it's great to have you in our little family!

i am now a follower of your sweet little corner of the web here, and i will be back! :) (i was visitor 12,501!)


Anonymous said...

Flowers and butterfly, a favorite of mine. I 'm now a new follower too.
I own a cricut, so will visit you often to get new ideas.

Debbie Rasmussen said...

Flowers and butterfly, a favorite of mine. I 'm now a new follower too.
I own a cricut, so will visit you often to get new ideas.

LeAnne said...

Well, this is very sweet and what a nice way to package up some candy! I have no clue as to what number I am! But I am adding you to my Reader so I can keep up with all your fabo creations!

LuLu said...

I'm a follower and have been since I discovered your blog ! ! Love the idea of the tin full of goodies - what a really clever idea.

When I looked I was visitor 12,788 so not the mgic 13,000 - never mind!


4kids4 said...

LOVE your little birds! I'm now a follower too! Thanks for the inspiration...and a chance to win that candy!

stamprgrl said...

wow girl... you are on fire!

Bex said...

Fab creations and lovely candy, I am now following and look forward to seeing som more creative designs.

I was visitor 13,372, so congrats you went over 13,000!

Bex said...

You've had a lot of visitors today! I am now 13413!

Cat said...

I just became a follower. Love the paint can! So cute!

Debbie Rasmussen said...

Just visiting your site again. Lots of inspiration here.

Linda said...

Hi and congrats on over 13,000 hits!!
I just found your blog and have become a follower. Your little tin of blog candies is very SWEET!! :)
Thank you for the chance to win.