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Monday, June 29, 2009

High Flyin'

Is this just the cutest?!?!? Besides my son of course - the papers are JUST ADORABLE!! This is a new kit from Danielle Corbitt Designs - and guess what!?!?

I've been asked to be part of her

I am sooooo excited!! It's digital!!

As most of you know - I am new to digital so this is VERY exciting for me!! Although the creative thought process is the same, obviously the execution is not! But I have been taking classes in PSE and they are obviously paying off! I am LEARNING SOOOOO MUCH!

So this cute kit is available at Danielle Corbitt Designs and is called Loop de Loop! It comes with 14 different papers and 37 different elements! It's currently on sale for 40% off!! As is most of her store, so be sure to check it out!


And I assume you all know what that's time for this week's Project Tuesday challenge!! This week it's an A2 CARD BOX. I can tell you it was quick and simple and you don't have to make the cards, but I did and used a simple little recipe and the whole project - including the cards - was done in LESS THAN AN HOUR! The box itself probably took less than 20 minutes.

There are plenty of photos here for you to see it. Be sure to check out the Project Tuesday blog so you can see what the other girls did - all the creations are FANTABULOUS!! And be sure to read to the end, because this one covers a couple of challenges! (of course!)

  • Project Tuesday - A2 Card box
  • Secret Crafter - Pretty Packaging
  • Stamptacular Sunday - Animals - now I am probably PUSHING this challenge. Obviously for Stamptacular Sunday you MUST stamp. Well, I have the little FOR YOU stamp on the front of the box and all those little cards do have sentiments stamped inside - all different ones so that you have multiple occasions to use them - but I neglected to take a picture of the insides. I will see if I can remember to get an inside photo up soon. I did - however - hit the animal part with GUSTO!! Each of the 6 cards has a different animal on it - there's a bunny, bird, owl, deer, frog and I forget the last one! LOL
  • Die Cut Dreams asked for anything BUT a card!
  • Charisma Cards - Any project, Any Theme
  • Pile It On!! - Must use four buttons
  • Creative Inspirations is also asking for anything BUT a card!

And that will do it for this one! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


As I am sure you all know by now - at least you do if you read my blog regularly - I have been playing with digital scrapbooking. These are the three latest layouts from my course from It's been a wonderful course and all I need to do is complete my bonus lesson and my UP & RUNNING class will be complete. I have already signed up for the next class - NOW WE'RE ROCKIN' WITH PHOTOSHOP and will bring you more updates as I learn!

This first layout was made using pictures from my son's field trip at the beginning of June. We went to Save the Bay which is an organization here in Rhode Island that practices and teaches the preservation of our beaches. It was a nice field trip for the kids and I think they learned a lot and had a BUNCH of fun at the same time.

This next layout uses some older pictures - my friend Gloria and I went on a bus trip to New York City last April. Pretty much the bus just dropped you off and picked you up and you did whatever you wanted in between.

This last layout is of my daughter and her boyfriend from November when they went to the Homecoming dance. Good thing I take pictures, because I think this is the dance where Jimmy took home the WRONG jacket! Oh well....I don't think they really cared. :)

And those are my layouts for tonight - be sure to come back - I have some announcements that I will be making soon - both of the digital and non-digital type!!

Thanks for stopping by!

PILE IT ON! - Challenge #4 - BUTTON UP!

This week the new challenge for PILE IT ON is....

USE FOUR OR MORE BUTTONS in your project...and as usual - AT LEAST one other challenge!

  • Pile It On! - Button it up!
  • Stamps and Smiles Tuesday Sketch - since I turned the sketch into a layout - this is obviously a VERY loose interpretation, but I just wanted to show you how versatile sketches are and that even if it doesn't look exactly like the sketch, it was inspirational!
  • 365 Cards - Day 118 - You've Been Framed - now I might be cheating on this one because as we all know that 365 is about cards and this is a layout, but.....who cares? lol (My friend Gloria cheats on her 365 challenges all the time, so.....LOL - she's going to love reading that!!!)
  • Charisma Cardz stated to create ANYTHING you wanted this week, no theme, no restrictions,'s mine!
  • Scrap, Inspire, Create asked us to celebrate PARENTHOOD. The funny story behind this layout is that my daughter and her boyfriend Jimmy were gathering all the kids - mine and Jimmy's mother's to go have pictures taken for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, they had a bank account issue and were unable to have them taken. Since they were pretty much dressed and ready to go, I grabbed my camera and did the photos myself!! These are the three separate photos I took of each of my three children.
  • Use It - I am going to claim this one! They asked for something inspired by nature - which would be the flowers, polka dots - which I have, favorite embellishment - I have used several different "embellishments" and to mail it to someone special (I am just wondering if email counts here??)
There's one more thing I have to tell you about my creation today - which could break many rules for some challenge blogs - It's DIGITAL! I have been playing in the digital world and LOVING IT!!! I have always been a scrapbooker and if you had told me a year ago that I would be make 5-10 cards every week instead of scrapbook pages, I would have told you that you were LOONEY! But here I am, making card after card (except this week - I was a very bad, lazy crafter! LOL) and NOT pages to go into my albums! Well, I had been thinking of trying digital for quite a while and since I had a program on my computer, I thought - HECK, why not?? So I started into the digital world!

So be on the look out for more digital and non-digital creations - and ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stamps & Smiles #20

Once again I decided to combine the Stamps & Smiles sketch with this week's Project Tuesday! The stamps is from Stamps & Smiles CuppyLand set. I think this came out SOO cute! This would be so perfect for a favor for a shower or a little girl's birthday party!

I even hit a couple of challenges with this one:

And that's it for this one!! Thanks for stopping by!

Scrap Schemes

It's Thursday and that means a new layout for ScrapSchemes!! When I saw the picture, all I could see were balloons! And as you look at the photo, I am sure you know exactly what I mean.

This week, I took my inspiration from the layout of the photo - the line of balloons being my embellishments below the photo and the sun (or son - lol) being the photo.

Here's the inspiration piece:

Here's my layout! I hope you like it - it's another step into the world of digital!! The kit is once again by Flergs and it's called Deacon's Closet.

As always, thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stars & Butterflies

I have a couple of cards to share with you tonight that hit a bunch of challenges, so hold onto your seats!! And a lot of WHITE tonight!

  • Stamptacular Sunday asked for Red, White, & Blue and a Star too!
  • Our Creative Corner asked for a star
  • Belli Challenge asked for Patriotic (and to top it off - I won a digi stamp there last week!)
  • Crafty Creations asked for Stars and Stripes - technically stars or stripes! I am thinking this could qualify for both.
  • ABC asked for two tones - defined as any two colors, not counting card base (or flesh tones if coloring people) Both of these actually qualify for this one!


This one is actually a dark pink and those green butterflies are made with Nana's Kitchen papers. They actually have forks, knives, and spoons all over them!


  • TCP Tuesday has two drinks as an inspiration piece - one green, one pink and very spring/summery
  • Heart Hugs Etsy Inspired brought us to a store this week called Potato Patch and I was inspired by these cute little childrens shirts. I loved this one - with the butterfly!
  • Danni's Flutterby Challenge was for springy and of course the butterfly
  • Rosie & Dee asked for Pink & Lime
  • Paper Blooms asked us to be inspired by something - TCP Picture and the Butterfly shirt at Potato Patch
  • Secret Crafter asked for Pink & Green
  • All Sorts asked for "winged" things. So again, I give them some lovely butterflies - different butterflies, but lovely just the same!

And that's probably all for tonight! Thanks for stopping and be sure to stop by tomorrow morning for the Stamps & Smiles sketch and the Scrap Schemes Inspirational Challenge!!

A couple of QPs

I did a couple of Quick Pages tonight. All that means is the layout was already done for me - I just had to stick the picture into the space! LOL Nothing really creative, but I got it with "The Fix" from DSA and thought they were really cute so I figured I would show them off! They're by Misty Cato.

There's more stuff I made tonight below. A couple of cards to show you - also, stop by in the morning - Stamps & Smiles sketch will be up and so will my take on the Scrap Schemes inspirational challenge!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A digital run...

Okay - another digital layout for you tonight - I am still working on my class - just finished lesson two last night - the layout two posts down was the bonus assignment - just need to do the self-check and then I'll be done!

This layout was another practice deal for me! Put my new found knowledge to work! Now, I know I saw a layout similar to this somewhere, so I can't take all the credit, but I don't remember if it was digi or paper or where I saw it! So if you think I could have CASE-d you, please let me know so I can note it here!

This digital kit is once again my Flergs (who is apparently my favorite - I do actually have kits by other people) and it's called For Mellisa. I thought the colors were beautiful and went so well with my daughter's homecoming picture.

I am thinking it still needs something, but I must say I am impressed by all I have learned from the JessicaSprague class in just two lessons!

Thanks for stopping by! I am sure you will see something in paper soon!


Today's project is a One-Sheet Box. I had never done one of these, but I can tell you it came together quickly - about 20 minutes for me! I thought of a few details later - I could have done this, I should have done that...but in the end, I figured it was probably going to have to travel, so I stayed with simple and streamlined - which if you know me, is pretty much my normal anyway!

I opted for patterned paper for the actual box/bag. When you see the instructions, you will understand what I mean, but it's all folded - no cutting involved (unless you start with a 12x12 sheet of paper as opposed to 8.5 x 11). Anywho, the instructions I believe say cardstock and stamp - if you know me, I do not consider myself a stamper, so patterned paper worked perfectly! This PP happens to be Doodlebug, the cardstock in the layers is CTMH and the stamp is Unity. The dew drops were purchased at and I got the ribbon at my LSS in their "clearance - aka end of the roll" bin.

Also, I have been able to combine this with a few other things going on in blogland (aka CHALLENGES!!)

And that's all for this one!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

More in my Digital Journey!!

I am learning SOOO much from my digital class!! This is the bonus assignment from Lesson 2! These were the parameters - (almost like a challenge! LOL)

  • White paper - although it didn't have to be the background
  • More than one photo
  • Install and stamp one of the Stamped Moments brushes (these came with the class!!) I am not 100% sure I installed it right, so I will have to look more into that, but I did get the thing on there and was even able to change the opacity :) I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about!
  • Anything else was okay!

And that completes Lesson 2! I can't wait to start Lesson 3 and I am already planning on purchasing the next class!

  • Flerg's Blaze Kit
  • Flerg's Elizzle Skwizzle Kit (try saying that!!)
  • Amy Teets' Whitie Tighties papers (yes that's the real name)
  • Katie Pertiet Stamped Moments Brush set

Sunday, June 21, 2009

PILE IT ON! - Challenge #3 - PURPLE

That's today's challenge over at the PILE IT ON! blog - much to Dalis' dismay! Of course, I chose the challenge, so she's just got to suck it up and deal with it.

So - PURPLE - any shade, any amount. We just want to see purple on your card - well, that and AT LEAST one other challenge!

I will apologize in advance for the photo - my light source is ABOVE my cards, so I get a shadow whenever I ribbon the card at the top like this....

  • Pile It On! (Obviously) - use purple! The ribbon is purple, the gems at the bottom are purple, the flower and the D in Friends are all purple. (Almost Amethyst to be exact on the flower and D)
  • Charisma Cards asked for sparkly. Their challenge is titled as Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.
  • Three Clovers asked for a NO LAYER card. Now - most of you may notice I don't generally stamp. With a one layer card - and she was specific - you can embellish all you want - but NO EXTRA PAPER OR CARDSTOCK - what else was I going to do???

So head on over to the PILE IT ON! blog and play! We also have the top three scoops listed, as well as a special award and a RAK! There were 4 gift certificates given away today - find out if you got one!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top 5!

Look what I got today!!

I was very excited to go over to the blog to check out this week's challenge and find that I had gotten into the TOP 5 for THIS card!!

I have proudly posted the award to my sidebar! Thank you SFTW!!!

365 - Complete for the Week!

I have been doing good in the month of June in completing my 365 Cards each week. I know if I go beyond the Saturday marker - they just won't get done!! So here are the last two for this week!

This card was the Saturday challenge...details are below:

And I think this was the Friday challenge:

  • 365 Cards - bold colors and stripes
  • ABC asked for summer - I am thinking this is pretty summery...bright colors and fish you'd find at the beach!
  • Scrappy Frogs also asked for summer
  • Daring Cardmakers request "Miss You"....well, it's close!

And that's about it!! I now have to go make my PILE IT ON! sample for sure to check back for that and don't forget about the Design Team Call going on over at PILE IT ON!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Feeling a little KRAFTY today!

I was feeling pretty KRAFTY this morning (bad pun I know, but I couldn't help myself!!) Anyway, this might be WWWAAAAYYYY too much information, but I make more cards in my head while in the shower - which is where these two came from!! Anyway, enough of the personal information you didn't want to know - here's the cards!!

This card uses the same layout my friend Dalis used and said was a challenge somewhere, so if you recognize it - let us know! LOL Otherwise - this one covers the following:
  • 365 Cards - They're trying to kill me I swear!! They asked for aqua, green, yellow, orange and brown. The catch - make it feminine! So here it is.
  • All Sorts - they requested to use something with WINGS. I might have more for them this week.
  • Daring Cardmakers - Miss you
  • Charisma Cards asked for sparkle
  • Flutterby Wednesday is always looking for those butterflies!!

Then I made this one - still krafty!!

Being Father's Day is tomorrow, you know there were plenty of challenges out there for masculine, etc, and this also incorporates a few others.

I will be back later with more...I need to do two more 365s to finish out the week!

Layouts for you to see

except these are different - they're DIGITAL!! I have been trying to find a class and learn how to scrapbook digitally. Everything I have done so far has either been ultra easy or has left me VERY frustrated. So - I purchased an on-line class at I forget where I heard about her, but she is formerly of Creating Keepsakes (I think - or maybe still with).

Anywho...these layouts were made with course materials - and it was VERY easy to follow along with! This first layout was made with Lesson 1. The lesson was split into six separate tasks and I learned A LOT at each task.

Here's the page!

So if you have ever been interested in trying it - this might be the course to take - I will let you know as soon as I am done with it.

I know it's not REALLY FANCY or anything but I'm quite proud of it. Since I already have my paper scrapbooking experience and I learn quick - I am RARING to go!!

Technically there were no challenges made during the making of this layout - however, the fact that I created it digitally was a challenge in itself! I am sure I will later laugh about how accomplished I feel about this layout, but right now - I am THRILLED!


So - since I haven't posted this first layout yet, I will just continue my post and my "learning" experience in the digital realm. This second layout - also made with course materials - was a quick page! It was add a photo, add some journaling, save it and you're done!

At this point what I will tell you is that what I am liking most about the digital is that I journal more. It's much easier to type and not worry about making a mistake - because I can fix it very easily as opposed to writing in a journaling box and hoping what I want to say will fit and I won't make mistakes on it as I write.

Now - I feel I am a quick learner. After having done those two layouts with Lesson 1 of the class, I opted to try one on my own. Let me preface this by saying, I had also watched a couple of tutorials on Two Peas in a Bucket by Sande Kreiger, so I did have a little bit of information in my head.

So here's the layout. The kit is by "Flergs" and is called Buttercup. It can be purchased at her store at Scrapbook Graphics. I just adore most of her kits. I purchased this one, another called Blaze and actually the first one I purchase was called A Perfect Day - and it's what was used to create my new blog design - which hasn't debuted yet, but watch for it! :)

Anyway - here's the page!

It's nothing overly fancy, but I did do it on my own! Okay - off I go, I have cards to make - and I will keep you updated on my digital progress!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yes...a layout!

It's been a while, but I did this layout tonight for a new challenge blog I found called White With One. It's my first time trying their challenge, and I must say - it wasn't easy!

So the total challenge was this:
  • White - dominant color
  • With Red
  • With Brackets
I like how it came out, but it was difficult to NOT reach for anything red or white! I am generally a very streamlined papercrafter, so I kept with my normal style, even if I do think it's missing a little something somewhere. Hope you like it! Back to the shed...I have a couple of cards to make!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A bunch of pink!

I have two cards for you tonight!! I think my mojo has returned - yay! I am glad to say it was only gone for a couple of days. (I'm not thinking this photo is the best, but it was the best I could seem to get on this one)

This first one is for a couple of challenges (of course!)

  • Charisma Cards asked for bling - only that one little rhinestone at the bottom, but it's still bling!
  • Getting Creative with Anne asked for a baby card - Congrats Anne! I love the little pacifier almost as a tag. I thought it was pretty darn cute myself!

This second card also hits a few:
  • 365 Cards asked for the word "girl" to appear on the card and to make the card "girly". You may not be able to see it totally, but that little tag says "go girl".
  • C.R.A.F.T. - sketch
  • Cute Card Thursday asked for a tag

And that's it for these two! Thanks for stopping by...