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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tote anybody??

I am just loving this Around Town Tote by Lauren Meader!! I have made two of them and I am just HOOKED!! I think it is one of her best templates. It's big too - don't let the pictures fool you - it's about 9" in height (that's a guess - I didn't measure.)

This first one uses LUCKY by Amanda Heimann - a great digital kit that you can find over at Scrap Orchard. Now I just punched two holes into the top, threaded the ribbon through and called it closed. I can very easily until the ribbon to add my tag when I am ready to use it.

This second one uses BUCCANEER BAY, a new collab from Ziggle Designs & Megan Turnidge. It's this one just the cutest?!?! Would be great for any little boy!

I just LOVE them both! Be sure to run over to Scrap Orchard and check these two FANTABULOUS kits out!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


What do ALL these layouts have in common?!?!?!? My friend Lita created all the templates used for them! And guess what?!?!?!? Now you can get these templates too because she is open over at DIGIRIDOO SCRAPS!

So I am just going to give you some credits on the kits used and you can go and check out Lita's store when you're done and pick up some of these AWESOME templates for yourself!

Sweet Pumpkin
Made with FALL FRESH by Amy Stoffel

Home is Where Your Heart Is
Using the Where Your Heart Is kit by Jan Hosford

Still In Training
Using Potty Like a Rock Star by Spinky Dink Scraps & simply.scraps

Manda Bear
Made with ELI by Kandy Kane Creations

First Day
Made with SK8TR BOY by Spinky Dink Scraps

Happy Girl
Made with SEASIDE FALL by Studio Ziska

Made with TIME FLIES by A5 Designers

The Usual Suspects
Beep Boop by Kristen Cronin-Barrow & Lauren Grier
Word Art by Bethany

Camera Face
A mish mash of stuff...

Quite a few layouts for my gal Lita! Be sure to go and check her out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Devilish Angel

I love this layout - although I think my daughter was offended! LOL Just a quick little post today - this layout was created using a NEW template from SUSAN ROBINSON DESIGNS, so you can hop on over to her store at Digital Scrap Ink and check them out!

The kit used is Shawna Clingerman's ABSOLUTE CHERRY's actually a collab with Lauren Grier and Penny Springman - and it's ADORABLE!! So you can check that out too!!

See - I told you it was a quick post!

Monday, October 26, 2009

One Moment

I really do love this layout! Another team collab - well, but me - not the designers! LOL The template is Amanda Heimann - I Heart Paper. The kit is Future Star by Spinky Dink Scraps.

This is practically a MINI post! LOL....oh well, there's more for tomorrow - I already scheduled it! So it's a definite!

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Love this cute layout!! It's a combination from two teams!!

The template is from Susan Robinson Designs - Love of Clusters.

The kit is Shawna Clingerman - Pink Elephants & All That.

Those elephants were perfect for this layout...Okay - just a quick post but thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Team - LaunchPads!!

I am very HAPPY to say that I am one of the newest members of the LaunchPads Creative Team!! Wooo Hoooo!! Most of you know I recently (about 8 months ago) switched from paper to digital. Well, not know the digital ropes, I have turned into a template queen! I just LOVE THEM! They make creating layouts sooooooooooooooooo easy!! So all of these templates are from my newest team - LaunchPads by Bree Clarkson!

Bree - Thanks for the opportunity to work with your amazing templates!

LaunchPads Collection #26
Kit is Jake 100% Boy by Randi Oh
This is almost my layout for Randi Oh's PlayDay over at Scrapbook Graphics! Be sure to check it out!

LaunchPads Double Ups
Kit is Apple Blossom by Wild Dandelions & Kristen Cronin-Barrow

LaunchPads Collection #26
Kit is Tuff Stuff by Amanda Carlson

LaunchPads - Inspired by Becca
Kit is About A Boy by Shawna Clingerman, ScrapKitchen Designs & Libby W.

LaunchPads Solitaire #9
Kit is Monstrosity by Dani Mogstad

And that's all she wrote for my intro post!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spinky Dink Scraps

Hey there!! Got a couple of projects to show you today! Some of these were actually done a while ago, but I am behind in my blogging!! (BAD BLOGGER!!) They are all for Spinky Dink Scraps. I have actually been freelancing for her for a while and when she had a call, I decided to go for it!! She was crazy enough....oops...I mean nice enough to take me on permanently!! YAY!!

Anyway, these first two were made with her Unforgettable kit! I ADORE this kit! It has gorgeous colors and the elements are AMAZING!! If you have never tried her stuff, you can't lose with this one!!

These boxes were made by printing her papers out on plain white cardstock. The template I used is by the Cutting Cafe!

Next I have this layout, which was created using a template from Susan Robinson Designs and is available at Digital Scrap Ink!


So...let's switch kits!! These next two layouts are made from her newest kit - FUTURE STAR!! I love the colors in this kits! It's one of my favorite combos and we all know those boy combos are tougher to find than the girls combos/kits! This one is AWESOME!! This one is exclusive to Elemental Scraps!

This first layout was made using a template from Amanda Heimann Designs and you can find it HERE at Scrap Orchard.


I also created this layout with a template by Denise Beatty originals. Yes - I use templates a LOT!! They are my best friend - I totally love them!! Being a relatively new digital scrapper (I assume I am not going to be able to say that for too much longer) they make easy placement!


And that's it for the moment!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A shirt, a layout and a couple of milk cartons!

Hey there!! Have you been over to Scrap Orchard lately? There's a bunch of new releases going on from Amy Stoffel (and others I am sure!!) But let's concentrate on Amy for the moment. LOL

She has an ADORABLE Halloween kit which was just released called GIMME CANDY! It's adorable - and for anybody who isn't fond of the color purple (Hi Dalis!) this kit is for you!! Let me show you what I made with it:

Just the shirt (Devin was "made" 7 years ago! LOL) This is actually the first T-shirt I have tried and the iron on transfer stuff was pretty easy to work with! Nice simple directions and VOILA! custom shirt.

Here it is on my ironing board - newly complete:

And here's the actual digital artwork so you can see it nice and clear-like! LOL Aren't those elements just adorable?!?!?!

Amy also has a great new cooking kit called LA CUCINA! and it's even got FREE with purchase Recipe Cards!! It's an AWESOME kit. I think it strikes the perfect blend of "adult cute" if you will!

I made this layout with it - using a template from Susan Robinson, which is available at Digital Scrap Ink. This collection is called LOVE OF BLOCKING.

Next up - milk cartons! Strange subject, huh? Well not really - and these two milk cartons came out super cute too - if I do say so myself! Both were made using a template created by Kelleigh Ratzlaff of The DigiChick.

First up - Shawna!! This milk carton uses Shawna Clingerman's new kit - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - it's a collab with Emily Card! It's super cute - especially if you are a runner! Since I am not, I took it a different route....

Next up - mgl Scraps & Studio Ziska. They have an amazing Halloween collab out called NIGHTSHADE. It's a cross between cute and scary. I love this one because I was able to use this postage stamp element on the front and it's got the extra piece at the bottom that I can easily personalize! So if I sent 5-6 to school with my daughter for her teachers, I could write the teacher's name right on the bottom of that stamp! I just LOVE it!

And that's it for this post! Come back...I have more to show you!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A couple of boxes and a princess...

How about a couple of boxes today?!?!? I made both of these using Kelleigh Ratzlaff's Pencil Box Collection, which is available over at the DigiChick.

I think they came out adorable!! (If I do say so myself...). This first one uses Shawna Clingerman's new BOOTIFUL kit, a collab with Christy Lyle. I must say I messed up on this one. As you will see from the next photo, the inside of the box is gray...well, I had meant of the outside to be gray (kind of like a coffin) and the inside to be yellow. But, oh well....I will plan better next time.

In looking in The DigiChick gallery, I found that Julee had made the discovery that 12 Reese's Peanut Butter cups fit perfectly inside the box. Well, I took her discovery and ran with it!! Thanks Julee!!

This second one was made using Amanda's Heimann's new kit, Fall Frolic, a collab with Jennifer Fox. On this one I decorated the front flap, printed an extra copy of the Happy Fall and popped it up and added a pretty ribbon to the top.

I then printed some pumpkins, used my 1" circle punch and attached them to the top of the peanut butter cups! Cute, huh??

I have actually done three of these at this point and might do a couple more. Would probably make great teacher gifts!

I also have a layout for you today. This was done using one of Susan Robinson's new template - available at Digital Scrap Ink! This one is from a set of four called LOVE OF SIMPLICITY. She has BEAUTIFUL templates - be sure to check her out. The kit is Cupcaking by Eva Kipler.

Hope you like them! Give the designers a lookie - they all have GREAT stuff!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Day - Impressions of Harvest

Hello bloggers!! I have a layout for you today! Has everybody checked out the Studio Girls collab this month?? You should! It's filled with warm rich fall colors - it's GORGEOUS!! It's called IMPRESSIONS OF HARVEST.

I made this page using the collab - I know - I still have that paper scrapped looked. I can't help it! And my friend Chel made this template for me out of a sketch I had seen and liked! She's SOOOO talented! I want to make templates like her when I grow up! (And Lita too!!)

So this is my son on his first day of school. It's not what I consider the "official" picture, but I wanted to capture the look on his face as we were waiting in the playground that morning. It's a simple page - but my scrapping moto has always been "Simple Pages - Completed Albums". I like to focus on the pictures - that's what it's about, right?!?!

I hope to have more tomorrow!! (If I blog in advance, I will!) Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take Note!

Hello everybody in blog land!! Thanks for stopping by. Today I have a really cute, fun and EASY project!! I believe I have shown you one of these before. All you need is a self-standing acrylic picture frame.

Take a peek.....(I apologize now for the icky photo!)

Then all you need is a dry erase marker, write on the picture frame and you can make notes to yourself all the time!! As you can see from the above photo, I made this a couple of weeks ago and am just getting around to blogging it now. I have obviously been a bad blogger. :(

Here's the artwork so you can see it a little better:

I used mgl Scraps AWAKENING kit, which is available at Scrapbook Graphics! It has gorgeous colors in it and you could really use it for anything!

And that's it for this quick little blog post! I am going to try to get tomorrow's post ready so you will have something to read if you stop by!

Monday, October 5, 2009

PIO Plus

This is gonna be a long post, just because I feel as I start writing this that I think I might have a lot to say! LOL

First, I realized I totally forgot to post my Pile It On! post yesterday, so I am going to start there and just add to it.

So, we have a wonderful sponsor this week at Pile It On! SOFTPENCIL!! This is the second time they have sponsored us and they really have the most ADORABLE images!! See my little bat? That's my SoftPencil image.

Now, if you've been a reader for a while, you know I have gone from paper to pretty much entirely digital. This week's Pile It On! challenge is to do something 3-D. Now our three dimensional could merely mean a button, pop dots - anything that gives your project some dimension! So, me being me, I made an actual 3-D Project - in both the project, as well as the tag....take a peek:

This really is a super simple project. I made the tag only....the rest is a clear plastic cup (yup - those cheapie drinking cups you buy and throw away for a party) and the treat sacks. I bought these because they were "classic" black - although those are skulls! LOL And then I made my tag. The tag is actually on with the twist tie that comes with the treat sacks, the ribbon is totally embellishment.

And of course with all Pile It On! challenges, you need to PILE IT ON!! So here are the other challenges that work for my project:

So hopefully you will run over to the Pile It On! blog and have fun with our challenge this week.

Next up are a bunch of layouts I did yesterday - and it's actually not all of them. So if you just want to have a peek and tell me what you think if you feel like it. I have listed the credits below each layout so if you see something you like on there, you can go and grab it!

But first, I must say, this first layout uses a template that my friend Lita created. She's just started to make them and they've been MARVELOUS! So if you like the layout of the layout (lol) let me know...I would love to pass that information on to her!

And that it for that layout....the following are all layouts made using templates from Studio Hillary! Like I said, I was just creating yesterday like there would be no tomorrow!




I think that's it for today!! Happy Creating to you and I hope you all had a great World Cardmaking Day this past Saturday. Don't forget - Digital Scrapbooking Day is coming up in November! I am sure there are lots of great things planned!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Usual Suspects....

This is pretty much a just for me layout! Ok - I was also testing the template for my friend Lita, but otherwise, it's really just a "for me" layout...which I really haven't done in a while.

So really not too much to say on this one...just credits I guess:
  • Template - my friend Lita! (love it!!)
  • Kit: Beep Boop by Lauren Grier & Kristen Cronin-Barrow - available at Sweet Shoppe
  • Word Art - Trouble 2 Pack - Elegant WordArt by Bethany - available at Scrap Orchard
That's about it on this one!! I enjoyed doing a layout just for the sake of doing a layout. It was fun!

Come back tomorrow - I will have more!! PILE IT ON! Newest challenge will be up then...hopefully on time this week!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Urban Dreamer & New Templates

Amy Stoffel has created the most FANTABULOUS kit and it comes out TODAY!!! It's called Urban Dreamer and I think it's my favorite!

And you see that BIG CIRCLE on my page, right? That is a new template from Susan Robinson Designs. It won't be out until tomorrow, so you have to wait, but here's the LINK so you will be ready to go and grab them! They're FANTASTIC! There's a set of four and you can put them anywhere you want to on the page!! She's got several other new releases tomorrow, so be sure to check out her shop!

Okay - back to the kit....Do you see those FANTASTIC colors!! And that alpha - it doesn't come with the kit - it's FREE!! You just need to go over to her BLOG and grab it! It's clear and shiny with a hint of pink! I ADORE IT!

Look what else I made....

Yes, it's another box. This one was created with Kelleigh Ratlaff's Pencil Box template and you can find it over at The DigiChick.

And look what's inside.....

a great big THANKS (that alpha is included in the kit) and 12 mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups! They might still actually exist (of course, I might have eaten them - I would have to check). So run on over to Scrap Orchard and grab this SUPER CUTE kit. This is one you don't want to miss!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Digi Shop Talk - October HOT Product

How about some more boxes!! I am in LOVE with these templates from the Cutting Cafe, and you will see more of these I assure you!! They are easy and if you just fill them up with candy, pop a ribbon onto it - it's a great gift! Think of teachers, coworkers, etc...anybody you just want to give a little pick me up to!!

This set was made using the DigiShop Talk's HOT PRODUCT for October. It's called Sunshine & Songbirds and it's by DIGI-Licious Designs and is available HERE.

I am relatively sure you can't read it in my photos, but the word are on top says - Life is a Song - Love is the Music. It's a lovely phrase and comes in the kit!!

I am actually not showing you much of this kit at all! I am really only showing you two of the papers and the word art - there is SOOOOO much more to this kit!

So run over to Divine Digital and pick it up! Why are you still reading?!?!? Go!