Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Out of this Universe!!

You should know by now that I totally love boxes!! I could say they're the reason I live, but that would definitely be pushing it! LOL But I do have a blast making them! This little set is made using templates from The Cutting Cafe, who was a sponsor over at Pile It On! a few weeks back. Truly easy to work with.

I paired those templates with one of Shawna Clingerman's newest releases over at Sweet Shoppe Designs called Center of My Universe and came up with this little set! Truly LOVE it!


Then I made this adorable (IMO) matching card using a new template from Susan Robinson Designs, Sketchcards #1 Collection which you can pick up over a Digital Scrap Ink. I actually got a gallery stand out of this card over at DST. I might have to keep this one!


And here's the set together!! I am thinking it will make a cute gift to somebody - if I can bear to part with it of course!


And that's all for today! I am trying to get some posts done in advance on some projects I have already finished, so hopefully you'll have some reading material here for the next couple of days, so be sure to stop by soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Stuff!

Well, it's release day over at Scrap Orchard and I have TWO SUPER CUTE releases to show you!!

This first one is from Amy Stoffel and it's called I AM A ROBOT! You can see all those gears on my boxes and she has some UBER cute robots in that kit too!!

Next up is for the girls in your life!! This kit is called LOVEY-DOVEY and it's a collab between Ziggle Designs & Tracie Stroud. It is SOOO adorable!! Like I already said - VERY girly!!

This one also uses Kelleigh R's Hexagon box templates! I love these templates!! How else would I be able to make such cute boxes!! She's got all sorts of great templates over at the DigiChick, so be sure to check her out!

So be sure to run over to Scrap Orchard and pick them up! You can lose with either of these of the boys and one for the girls! Can't get much better than that!!

On top of all that cuteness, I have more! lol Ellie Lash is retiring from designing - which makes me VERY sad! I love her designs! But right now, all of her designs are on sale over at Scrapbook Graphics - and CHEAP too!!

I made this layout using her Rugrats Playground kit, which is a collab with Mood Scraps. The template is from Susan Robinson and can be purchased over at Digital Scrap Ink.

And I do have another Ellie Lash layout to show you using NEW TEMPLATES from Studio Hillary, but I have lost it in the external hard drive. As soon as I find it, I will get it on here for you!

Okay - I found it....that wasn't a long wait, was it?!?! lol

This was made using Ellie's Fly Free kit! I love the colors and the elements are just perfect!! Great for those everyday photos...or, in this case, a candid self-portrait taken at a dance!

So be sure to run over to Scrapbook Graphics and check out Hillary's new templates and don't forget about Ellie's stuff - it's on sale and won't be there much longer!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Blog!!

So....what do you think of the new design?!?!? I LOVE IT!! Must thank Becca at Graffiti Chicks - she was TOTALLY AWESOME to work with! And I know nobody likes to talk about money in this economy - but I will tell you - I did the research - not only did she do a FANTABULOUS job on my blog - her price was awesome too!!

The kit used was by Nikki Boudreau and is called Love You a "Bot". So be sure to check out both Nikki and Becca!!

However, speaking of Robots - you should make sure you check out Scrap Orchard tomorrow (or at least late today)...Amy Stoffel has an adorable robot kit coming out! Can't wait to show you what I made with it!

So be sure to stop back tomorrow - not only will I have something to show you for Amy's new release, but Ziggle Designs has a girly-girly kit coming out and I will have something to show you from her new kit too!!

See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ziggle & Amy - 9/11 Releases

Okay - I think I am a little late with both of these - but better late than never, right?!?!?! Both Ziggle Designs & LCC by Amy Stoffel had new releases on September 11th and here I am writing about them on the 23rd! I guess that means their publicity just lasts a little bit longer!!

This first one is Ziggle's Spookilicious kit! It's the CUTEST Halloween kit ever!! Here I have a little bucket/basket that would be great as a party favor or to fill with little toys for those little goblins who aren't ready for the chocolate yet!!

As you can see in the photo below, I filled this one with Hershey kisses!! It was a relatively quick project. I found the template on line HERE.

Next, also filled with Hershey kisses, is a matchbox using Amy's Hanabi Hart kit! It has beautiful fall colors, yet very feminine. You really do need to check it out!!

The template belongs to Kelleigh R over at the DigiChick. All of Kelleigh's templates are AWESOME!! Be sure to check her out as well!!

That's all for me for now!! Be back soon...I'll have more stuff to share!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pile It On - Punches!

I am still feeling under the weather, so I will make this short and sweet!! It's Sunday and time for a new Pile It On challenge! This week the challenge is PUNCHES! We also have CRAZED as a GREAT sponsor! Be sure to run over to the Pile It On! blog and check it out.

Here's my card:

Thanks for looking...and as always, more to come...including a change to my blog sure to come back and check it all out!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Box anybody???

This cute little box was a Project Tuesday project a couple of weeks ago and I must say I went hog-wild making them!! They were SOOOOOOOOOO easy and cute too!! You can find all the information back on THIS post.

This first one was made using Amy Stoffel's Apples & Cinnamon kit. It was part of her September Grab Bag over at Scrap Orchard - jam packed grab bag too!!

This second one was made using Miss Tiina's i heart.... kit!! Cute in all red, black & white!

This third one was made using the Float Away kit by Shawna Clingerman & Lauren Grier. This is one GORGEOUS PINK kit! The layouts the team made were TOTALLY GORGEOUS!

This fourth one was made using Danielle Engebretson's Bring on Spring mini kit - available at The DigiChick. I LOVED this kit on first glance! I had to make something with it!!

And I think those are all the boxes....for now anyway....I have different boxes headed your way soon!! Be on the lookout for those...........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Moving stuff around....going for a different look....more changes coming soon (all good - no worries!!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SBG & Project Tuesday

Hello everybody out there in blog-land!! If you have visited my blog before, you know I have a love of combining stuff. Well, when I did this little project, I wasn't trying to, it just kind of fell into my lap - gotta love it when that happens!!

I had actually originally made this little project for my very FIRST post as part of the SCRAPBOOK GRAPHICS STUDIO CREW! I will be doing a hybrid post over there the third Tuesday of every month, so be sure to stop by!!

This also happens to be this week's Project Tuesday!! It is a mini-birthday book. A place to keep all those dates you don't want to forget that take place on the same date every year.

There is actually a tutorial & template that can be found HERE. I, however, did mine a little bit differently. Mine is digital - done using a digital template from Studio Wendy at Scrapbook Graphics that can be found HERE.

In the end, the result is the same - you end up with an ADORABLE mini perpetual calendar that keeps all your birthdays, anniversaries and some holidays all in one easy place. Mine is 4.25" x 5.5" (actually I think it's a bit smaller after I printed it, but...) All papers and elements that I used were from Baers Garten and can also be found at Scrapbook Graphics.

It can easily be hung on a key rack, a hook, even a refrigerator magnet - depending on what you use to "bind" it of course! Mine is held together with a simple ring and decorated with ribbons.

I hope you like this little project!! Be sure to check out the Project Tuesday blog to see how the rest of the design team created theirs!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Need to get organized?

Hi everybody! I am here today with a relatively simple project, but to me - ULTRA IMPORTANT!

I have recently dipped far into the digital side of scrapbooking - and I am loving it! However, I am on several teams and there's a lot of stuff to keep track of, so I needed a way to keep track of it all and obviously I wanted to make sure it was going to be sturdy. MOSD to the rescue!!

Ain't it cute?!?! This uses the MOSD CLEARLY DESIGNED SHOW OFF Album! There are actually four pages included, so you can use this album in accordian style or truly as a four page mini album. I, however, only used two pages and used them as a coverset for my CT book!

I used the MOSD Spiral rings in order to bind my book together and they are great!! They are plastic, but like a keychain ring, so it makes it very easy to add or remove pages!

These are my organizational pages - you happen to be looking at a blank one - I also have them customized by team, depending on the team's requirements.

Think of all the uses for this little album! Again, I only used two pages, so I could very easily make two books - my CT book and then perhaps a recipe book, a prayer book, and address book...the possibilities are endless!

I also believe this is the perfect size for Index Cards! How easy would that be?? My daughter has a teacher who requires index cards for their notes/studying!

The inside cover was decorating using a digital kit, as were the pages. The little robots - I Love You a Bot kit belongs to Nikki Boudreau and the pages belong to JM Designs pm kit.

Again, it's a simple project - but very useful and it hasn't left me since I created it!! I carry it with me everywhere and actually needed to make some notes so I jotted it down on the back of one of the cards - tells me I need to add extra note pages!

I hope you like this little project and if it does nothing more than inspire to you create one of your own - my job here is done!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay - so no fancy title here! I guess my brain is fried!! So here's stuff that I have created recently, but just didnt' really post in a timely manner! I hope to fix that soon - and when I do, you'll see that project too.

This was a great simple and useful project!! It's made with JM Designs pm Kit. The notebook element was perfect for this note/message stand - I guess you could call it. Made from a self-standing acrylic frame I picked up at Target for $3.99 and you can write on it with dry erase markers, so.....I am 99.9% sure the dry erase markers work on glass as well, if you wanted to do something fancier.

This sweet little box was made using Kelleigh R's Top Heavy box and the Cafe Latte kit which is a collab between Sugarplum Paperie and Tracie Stroud! Both of these items are available at the DigiChick (as is JM Designs pm kit, which is mentioned above!)

I love this layout!! It was made using Hillary's Tilt-A-Whirl template. The kit is Joy to the Fishes by ah! Designs! I love being on Hillary's template team!! I guess you could say it allows me to use my "purchases" for my CT work, instead of just the CT stuff!

That's it for this post!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smiles for Mom

Now maybe I am biased, but aren't these kids the cutest?!?!?

I did this layout for last month's mgl Scraps template challenge, and just realized I never got it posted!! It uses her Ode To Joy kit, which is one of my favorites!! I love COLOR! I might change the titling on it, but for now I am good with it!

Oh, and did I tell you I was asked to come on as a permanent part of the mgl Scraps team?!?!?!? I am a "blog chick"! So go check out the mgl Scraps CT Blog - we always have a lot going on!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Owl Set- Digichick

I love making cute little matched sets! I made this one for The Hybrid Chick - check out that watermark, huh?!?!?!? Very excited to have been asked to be a part of this team!

This set was made using Dani Alencar's Lucky Day kit. Again - what I love about digital - I can't stamp! Now I know there are stampers out there who can make this owl look exactly the same with markers and ink, but I depend on wonderful designers like Dani for that!

So here's the magnets that are inside the tin - and of course because it is tin - your gift won't move around in it's packaging! These are just bottle caps - I won't tell you the brand on the back, need to keep the post rated G. :)

Close up of the tin....all I did here was used my Nestibility cutting dies for the circles and attached them right onto the tin. The twill ribbon was preprinted so I just made sure it was properly placed and went on to attaching it!

This cute little card is just 3x3 - perfect to go along side the tin without an overpowering presence. The "enjoy" is a PaperTrey Ink stamp. (see, I do stamp once in a while - I just don't color!)

And that is it for this cute little project! If you try it, link me up!!

Project Tuesday - Flower Pot Box

Welcome once again to Project Tuesday!!

This week we have been challenged to create a flower pot box. You can find the tutorial by following this link. You will need to print out the template on cardstock. It's really a quick little project and didn't take long to make at all! I often look at them thinking they're going to take a lot of time and they NEVER do! I think just filled my cello bag with Hershey kisses and I now have a great little gift for somebody! (not sure who yet!!)

Please be sure to hop over to the Project Tuesday blog to see what all the other Design Team members have made - their samples are AWESOME this week!

Mine was made using white cardstock, my papers and elements were done digitally using the IN THE MEADOW kit, which is a collab between mgl Scraps & Sugarplum Paperie. It's got some really cute elements in it!

Thanks for stopping but and I am hoping for more regular blogging, so keep stopping by! Leave me a comment - I LOVE hearing from you!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Some layouts & stuff...

A couple of things I have created recently - I am trying to go back to my regular posting. This first one uses Flergs TroubleMaker kit and a Template from Chrissy W. - two of my favorite designers combined - what could be better!!

The journaling, which you probably can't read, is a story that I often read to Devin at bedtime. It basically tells him that no matter what he does - I still love him.

This next one is using a new kit called In The Blues from Studio Ziska and a template from Jen C - both over at Scrapbook Graphics! It happens to be Jen C's playday at the Studio, so you should head on over and play with her templates - they're fabulous!!

Last, but certainly not least, are fortune cookies I made for The Hybrid Chick - but I am not going to tell you much about them here. Stop over to The Hybird Chick blog and read the whole post and see my tutorial!

That's it for now, but stop back tomorrow, I have will have Project Tuesday to show you!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pile It On! #14 - BIRTHDAY

Okay - I am a little late with my own post, but I am here now!!! Today the challenge over at PILE IT ON! is BIRTHDAY! We also have Hambo Stamps sponsoring us this week and the Design Team has made CUTE cards with the Digital Images offered by Hambo.

As a Nascar fan - I just HAD to use this race car driver!

And in true PILE IT ON! fashion, here are the challenges for this card:

Thanks for stopping by!! Will be back with more soon!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Working Away....

and my poor blog has been neglected!! I have so much to show you, just not sure where to start, and of course I will try to spread it over a couple of days, so I can get back into routine again!!

And here we go:

This cute little box was done for Studio Ziska!! I was contemplating what project to do for them - as I am still a Guest over there, when the Frameworthy challenge over that the SBG Forum was brought to my attention - Frameworthy is inspired by ART - in this case, the chosen art was ORAGAMI! So what was a Hybrid girl to do? Well, I did an Oragami Box of course! It was a perfect non-layout challenge - seemed like it was made just for me!!

It uses the Studio Ziska Marmalade Skies kit, which is of course availabe at Scrapbook Graphics.

Next up - a couple of layouts - both also for SBG. This first one is my friend Christine on her wedding day - it was for the Natali Play Day last week and uses her All You Need is Love kit. It also uses a Studio Hillary template from her white space #3 collection.

I also have the next layout with my three children - which shows off the SBG Studio Girls Collection for September - Impressions of Change.

And I still have more to show you, but I think that's all for tonight!! Come back soon, I am going to get my blogging act back together soon!

Thanks for stopping by!