Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Limelight Photo Hunt

Limelight is celebrating it's FIRST ANNIVERSARY! And they are doing a bunch of games - so head on over and join the fun! The only "rule" here, I believe, was they had to be PHOTOS!

In no particular order - here's what they asked for:

FOUR - This was probably the hardest one...

SOMTHING YUMMY - What better than Key Lime Pie for Limelight!

CAT NAP - Now I don't think I could sleep this way, but....


Lana said...

Great pics Vicki and the cat looks so cozy!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Vicki thanks for entering, great pictures! I love your cat photo, how FUNNY. They do some crazy stuff. :)