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Sunday, June 28, 2009


As I am sure you all know by now - at least you do if you read my blog regularly - I have been playing with digital scrapbooking. These are the three latest layouts from my course from It's been a wonderful course and all I need to do is complete my bonus lesson and my UP & RUNNING class will be complete. I have already signed up for the next class - NOW WE'RE ROCKIN' WITH PHOTOSHOP and will bring you more updates as I learn!

This first layout was made using pictures from my son's field trip at the beginning of June. We went to Save the Bay which is an organization here in Rhode Island that practices and teaches the preservation of our beaches. It was a nice field trip for the kids and I think they learned a lot and had a BUNCH of fun at the same time.

This next layout uses some older pictures - my friend Gloria and I went on a bus trip to New York City last April. Pretty much the bus just dropped you off and picked you up and you did whatever you wanted in between.

This last layout is of my daughter and her boyfriend from November when they went to the Homecoming dance. Good thing I take pictures, because I think this is the dance where Jimmy took home the WRONG jacket! Oh well....I don't think they really cared. :)

And those are my layouts for tonight - be sure to come back - I have some announcements that I will be making soon - both of the digital and non-digital type!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Always Playing with Paper said...

Hi Vickilyn!!

Love your digi layouts...the one of your daughter and her fella is so beautiful!!

Can't wait to see your creations tomorrow.

Lesley :)