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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Layouts for you to see

except these are different - they're DIGITAL!! I have been trying to find a class and learn how to scrapbook digitally. Everything I have done so far has either been ultra easy or has left me VERY frustrated. So - I purchased an on-line class at I forget where I heard about her, but she is formerly of Creating Keepsakes (I think - or maybe still with).

Anywho...these layouts were made with course materials - and it was VERY easy to follow along with! This first layout was made with Lesson 1. The lesson was split into six separate tasks and I learned A LOT at each task.

Here's the page!

So if you have ever been interested in trying it - this might be the course to take - I will let you know as soon as I am done with it.

I know it's not REALLY FANCY or anything but I'm quite proud of it. Since I already have my paper scrapbooking experience and I learn quick - I am RARING to go!!

Technically there were no challenges made during the making of this layout - however, the fact that I created it digitally was a challenge in itself! I am sure I will later laugh about how accomplished I feel about this layout, but right now - I am THRILLED!


So - since I haven't posted this first layout yet, I will just continue my post and my "learning" experience in the digital realm. This second layout - also made with course materials - was a quick page! It was add a photo, add some journaling, save it and you're done!

At this point what I will tell you is that what I am liking most about the digital is that I journal more. It's much easier to type and not worry about making a mistake - because I can fix it very easily as opposed to writing in a journaling box and hoping what I want to say will fit and I won't make mistakes on it as I write.

Now - I feel I am a quick learner. After having done those two layouts with Lesson 1 of the class, I opted to try one on my own. Let me preface this by saying, I had also watched a couple of tutorials on Two Peas in a Bucket by Sande Kreiger, so I did have a little bit of information in my head.

So here's the layout. The kit is by "Flergs" and is called Buttercup. It can be purchased at her store at Scrapbook Graphics. I just adore most of her kits. I purchased this one, another called Blaze and actually the first one I purchase was called A Perfect Day - and it's what was used to create my new blog design - which hasn't debuted yet, but watch for it! :)

Anyway - here's the page!

It's nothing overly fancy, but I did do it on my own! Okay - off I go, I have cards to make - and I will keep you updated on my digital progress!


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing awesome... soon you will be able to do your own BLOG... wink wink!


-- dalis

Flergs said...

GORGEOUS! You will do so well just judging by first attempts and the gorgeous cards you make too :D Keep at it for sure!!