Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Thursday, August 28, 2008


You just have to LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Tweaks on my new blog!!!! I can only thank Sara - of Tweaks & Designs! She is the absolute best to work with!!! Here's her blog - and if you go there now, you'll see all the neat stuff she did for me!! Including my custom's over there ------> down the side a bit!! And you can now SUBSCRIBE to my blog and get any updates automatically!

And although I have no scrappy stuff to show you, I'll leave my auto-populated supply list header for you to see! Isn't that baby bird the cutest?!?!?!

As always, thanks for looking....and continue looking down below - of course Crazy Larry (that's what Sara dubbed him) has been there, but if you've never seen him "do his thing" hit the refresh button and he'll dance for you!! (that sounds almost obscene! lol) but check him out!!!

  • First item
  • Second item
    • First item of embedded list
    • Second item of embedded list
    • Third item of embedded list
  • Third item
  • Fourth item


Trace Geworsky said...

Its looking fab, girl!!!!

Sara said...

HAHAHA!!! It does sound kind of nasty! I LOVE Crazy Larry!!!

Sara said...

Oh and you're welcome!! It was a pleasure!

Gloria Stengel said...

It is super cute-en-ed. Love it.

Laurie Wilson said...

Wow, your blog really looks great! I love the new tweaks too!