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Monday, December 14, 2009

Layouts for Shawna

Although I usually do hybrid for Shawna, today I have a few layouts using a few of her more recent kits!! This first one uses I'M THE PRINCESS. This is not my normal style - I am usually much less busy! The template is by BIOGRAFFITTI and it was a RAK!! It was a great surprise - so be sure to check out her store over at SCRAP ARTIST!!

This next one uses BREATHE IN THE RAIN - a "SHAUREN" Collab. They're a great pair! The template is made by Dani Mogstad and was a freebie in the SSD forums, so go check it out!!

And lastly - another busy one - and bright too! This one uses Shawna's CRAFTAPALOOZA kit - which is actually a collab with Fee Jardine. I thought it was perfect for a non-journaled layout just about the fact that I CREATE! I thought it kind of spoke for itself. I believe the template on this one was also a freebie a while back at the SSD forum, but unfortunately that's all I can tell you.

And that's all for this post! See you again soon....

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