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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Working for Shawna!

I must say that I LOVE being on Shawna Clingerman's creative team! I can work with EVERYTHING she designs!

This is my most recent project for Shawna - it uses her GUESS WHOOO LOVES YOU kit as well as a template from Lauren Meader.

I was trying to make an owl! My daughter told me it looked like a turkey even before I added the feathers in the back, so...I added the feathers and made it into a turkey! I am thinking it's pretty cute! If you were really ambitious (and I know I'm not) you could make one for each person at your Thanksgiving table!

This next project was made quite a while ago and it is featured in the DST INSIDER this month!!! I am very excited to be published for the first time! This is made using a couple of collabs from Shawna...MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY - with Lauren Grier and BEEP CHUGGA ZOOM with Kristin Cronin-Barrow.

It's a travel set!! Everything fits in the can - with room to spare so you could throw a couple of dry snacks in there too! It will keep the kids occupied as you take the long trip to visit relatives for the holidays!

There are bingo cards - made with templates from Studio Wendy at Scrapbook Graphics.

There are 50 state cards - for the license plate game! I also put the state abbreviation, capital and nickname on mine so they could be used for a learning tool later!

A travel mug - didn't want to leave the adults out!!

And the top of the can is a tic tac toe board - made with bottle caps and by adhering magnets to the bottom of the bottle caps - really easy to do!

So be sure to stop over at SHAWNA'S store - I am sure you will find her designs are AWESOME as I do!!

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