Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here are some creations I have done recently, but don't think I have blogged about...and a few announcements that I should have already made but don't think I did - and if I did, and I am repeating myself, please forgive me! LOL

First up - a tumbler! I love making these! They can be done in paper or digital and they're generally pretty quick. This one is made with Shawna Clingerman's Smarty Pants kit, which can be found at Sweet Shoppe Designs - I have just been asked to be a HYBRID ARTIST on her CREATIVE TEAM!!!


This is my first project for her. Here's the tumbler:

And here is the artwork so you can see the full picture at once - it's kind of hard to get photos of the whole tumbler:

Next up is a layout using Flerg's Rough & Tumble Reloaded kit as well as Studio Hillary's template from her White Space #1 Template set. The stitching on this is new from Flerg's - her Crazy Stitches #1 Set - all of which is available at Scrapbook Graphics.

I think I previously announced that I was asked to be part of Studio Hillary's Creative Team, but in case I didn't I figured I would mention it. You might remember the 20 page set I did for her, which is here on the blog if you wanted to take a peek.

If all that wasn't good enough - I have been asked to be part of the STUDIO CREW!!!! This would be the Scrapbook Graphics Site CT!! I am SOOOOO excited!


That is one talented bunch of ladies and I am honored to be among them!!! I will be working on hybrid projects for them and you can catch my post on the blog on the Third Tuesday of every month!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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