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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MZ Hope by Ziska & mgl Scraps

Well, I am LOVING my time as a Guest Creative Team Member for Studio Ziska. Recently, I was also asked to be a Guest Hybrid Blog Chic for Studio mgl.

This kit/grab bag just came outand it happens to be a collaboration between Ziska and mgl Scraps. It's called MZ HOPE and I have two project for you with this one. First up is a set of four cards. These cards (if I remember correctly are 5" square. I like to think of them as pretty simple. All the "designing" was done on the computer and printed. I cut and adhered to the cardstock and only added the rhinestones in the swirls. I am really liking how they came out.

I also have this layout for you! I did use a template for this (and I will apologize now) as I don't remember who created the template, but I will check and edit so you have the information in case you want it. The rest of it is all MZ Hope.

I will let you know that these were done with a VERY small portion of the grab bag that is currently out. This were made with Ziska's original pieces and she since added other GREAT pieces (can't let the cat out of the bag!) and these show NONE of mgl's portion, but you will see more of this kit very soon - I promise!

And that's it for now! Come back tomorrow - I have my first MOSD project coming up - and it's made for mgl Scraps as well!!

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