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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ink & Pixels

Hello everybody!!  Long time no post.  :)

There's been a lot going on since I posted last.  So let's see if I can catch you up to speed as to where I have been and where I am going.

I started school last August and all was well.  I had been unemployed since March and figured I needed to do something, so school was the choice I made.  Everything was great!  Well, then I got a new job - which I love.  Should still be great, right?  Well, it was (and is) but that meant those 8 hours that I was doing schoolwork and my digital designing was eliminated.  So time being at a premium, something had to give.  Digital designing took a back seat, and although I really wanted to do something with it, time made me leave it.    In the meantime, college courses got tougher.  I was asked to design at a store, but still was having problems finding time to design, so that store never opened.

I also connected with an old friend.  He happens to be a photographer and I helped him brand his business.  I created his logo, letterhead, and business card.  I designed his website (although I didn't install it) and have learned photo editing (to an extent).  I also maintain his galleries and assist wherever I can.  So add that to my repertoire.

In the meantime, I was hired as a permanent employee at my job (I had been a temp) and I started my core courses at school.  Money for a single parent is always tight - I am no different.  So I talked to a friend who does medical transcription at home; typing is something I excel at.  I asked if there were any non-medical transcription jobs where she worked - hoping she could get me in, give me a reference, a contact person, anything that might assist.  She said she's help me look.  So I started looking myself and found this on-line company, almost the eBay of computer jobs, and looked to see if I could get hired by somebody as a contractor of sorts.

I connected with this AWESOME author who needed help editing her eBook.  Heck, I've been an administrative assistant  for more than 20 years - if I don't know grammar and punctuation by now, I never will.  Anyway, she hired me and I edited her current book.  She referred me to other authors and I am about to start editing my second book/second author.  I am pretty excited about ALL of it!  Doors are opening.

With everything I am doing, I figured I need to re-brand myself.    Although I love my design name - Paper Capers Designs - it really didn't fit where I was heading and all that I do anymore.

So...after discussing my situation with my two go-to people for opinions, INK & PIXELS was born!  {Like the new logo??  I created it myself and am on the flaunt!  LOL}

I figure this feel and logo can cover my book editing, photo editing (I have even done some audio book proofing), logo creating, digital design and even web design if/when I get there.  I'm quite pleased with the name and logo (if I do say so myself).

All that being said, I am doing a guest design spot in October - for a wonderful gal I "met" when I first started doing hybrid digital stuff many years ago, and my new logo and name will be in place for that.  If it works well, I might try to grab a few more guest design spots.  If not, I know designing will need to hold for a bit longer.

Anyway, that's where I am right now.  I will be moving to a new Ink & Pixels domain soon, but until can catch me here.

Thanks for catching up with me...

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