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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What If?

I recently applied for the Digi Dare team. The application asked if you were to be chosen as a DigiDare-er, what would be your first dare. This layout is my interpretation of the dare I wrote for my application. Unfortunately, I didn't make the team, but I liked my dare so much, I decided to make the layout anyway...

Here's the dare I wrote:

What If? (A big question I know....) Do you have a person in your past that you always wonder about? Maybe an old boyfriend who broke up with you...or a friend who moved away. What about that family member you argued with and haven't spoken to since. Do you ever wonder about them? That magic question...what if they hadn't moved away? What if we hadn't broken up? What if something happened to that family member, and you couldn't talk to them again? Tell me your "what if" story. Who do you wonder about?

Dare Flair:
  • photos are optional
  • journaling is an obvious must
  • I'd like to see something to represent your thoughts/question...such as a thought bubble or a question mark
  • use the phase "what if" somewhere on the page...whether it be your title or somewhere in the journaling.

And that's all for today! And if you decide you like my dare, and want to try me! There's no prize, but kind of fun anyway.

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