Paper Hugs and Die Cut Dreams

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Blinkie!!

I have to say - I am surrounded by awesome people everywhere!  In this case, I am talking about Amanda of Manda Lane Scraps.  She made me this AWESOME blinkie for my new endeavor!


You can find her designs HERE.  

She even made it friendly to ALL my endeavors!!   Thanks Amanda!!  You're TOP NOTCH!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ink & Pixels

Hello everybody!!  Long time no post.  :)

There's been a lot going on since I posted last.  So let's see if I can catch you up to speed as to where I have been and where I am going.

I started school last August and all was well.  I had been unemployed since March and figured I needed to do something, so school was the choice I made.  Everything was great!  Well, then I got a new job - which I love.  Should still be great, right?  Well, it was (and is) but that meant those 8 hours that I was doing schoolwork and my digital designing was eliminated.  So time being at a premium, something had to give.  Digital designing took a back seat, and although I really wanted to do something with it, time made me leave it.    In the meantime, college courses got tougher.  I was asked to design at a store, but still was having problems finding time to design, so that store never opened.

I also connected with an old friend.  He happens to be a photographer and I helped him brand his business.  I created his logo, letterhead, and business card.  I designed his website (although I didn't install it) and have learned photo editing (to an extent).  I also maintain his galleries and assist wherever I can.  So add that to my repertoire.

In the meantime, I was hired as a permanent employee at my job (I had been a temp) and I started my core courses at school.  Money for a single parent is always tight - I am no different.  So I talked to a friend who does medical transcription at home; typing is something I excel at.  I asked if there were any non-medical transcription jobs where she worked - hoping she could get me in, give me a reference, a contact person, anything that might assist.  She said she's help me look.  So I started looking myself and found this on-line company, almost the eBay of computer jobs, and looked to see if I could get hired by somebody as a contractor of sorts.

I connected with this AWESOME author who needed help editing her eBook.  Heck, I've been an administrative assistant  for more than 20 years - if I don't know grammar and punctuation by now, I never will.  Anyway, she hired me and I edited her current book.  She referred me to other authors and I am about to start editing my second book/second author.  I am pretty excited about ALL of it!  Doors are opening.

With everything I am doing, I figured I need to re-brand myself.    Although I love my design name - Paper Capers Designs - it really didn't fit where I was heading and all that I do anymore.

So...after discussing my situation with my two go-to people for opinions, INK & PIXELS was born!  {Like the new logo??  I created it myself and am on the flaunt!  LOL}

I figure this feel and logo can cover my book editing, photo editing (I have even done some audio book proofing), logo creating, digital design and even web design if/when I get there.  I'm quite pleased with the name and logo (if I do say so myself).

All that being said, I am doing a guest design spot in October - for a wonderful gal I "met" when I first started doing hybrid digital stuff many years ago, and my new logo and name will be in place for that.  If it works well, I might try to grab a few more guest design spots.  If not, I know designing will need to hold for a bit longer.

Anyway, that's where I am right now.  I will be moving to a new Ink & Pixels domain soon, but until can catch me here.

Thanks for catching up with me...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Featured Designer

I am the Featured Designer over at theStudio until the 15th! In honor of this - I have put all my word art on sale for $1!! That's 60% off!!

So take a hop, skip & a jump over to my store and pick some up!! Here's a few previews for you - but they're ALL on sale!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

DSA Blog Train

Happy DSD Everybody!! I know you're here for the blog train - so I will get to that first!! You should have come from:

Elise's Pieces - (if you didn't, you're missing stuff, so be sure to go back)

Here's my portion:

You can download my portion HERE

Your next train stop is:

Meghan Mullens -

And be sure to stop by my store at theStudio!! Everything is 50% off!!

I also was able to take part in a BEAUTIFUL collab - here's the preview:

If somebody's portion of the blog train isn't up yet - be sure to check back (It's the time zone thing!!)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy DSD to all of you!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Grand Opening Sale, New Stuff and a Chance to WIN!!

Good morning to all of you! I have some new stuff at theStudio today - and am happy to announce my Grand Opening Sale!!! Everything in my store is 30% off until the 22nd!

Here's what's new today!


Two minis and an alphabet pack:

And new word art for you:

Now for your chance to win!!

Anybody who makes a purchase from my store during my Grand Opening Sale will have a chance to win a coupon to my store for $10!

Also, I will be giving away another $10 coupon to one lucky newsletter subscriber (you can sign up HERE) so be sure to get yourself signed up for a chance to win!! (if you have already signed up, you are already entered into the drawing)

I will pick both winners on October 23rd, so be sure to sign yourself up!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Newsletter Sign up!

I will soon be starting a newsletter - please be sure to sign up via this link so you don't miss any freebies, coupons or special offers from Paper Capers Designs!!

Thanks for your support and for stopping by!!

Stores are OPEN!!

I am happy to announce that I now have TWO stores open! I opened at ScrapInsider last week - and there's still a 30% off sale going on over there...


I was one of the winners in the NDC Contest over at theStudio - and my store officially opened over there this morning!!! I must say I am beyond thrilled!! And it opened kind of quick, so I don't even have an ad ready yet for that!!

But, until I get a newsletter set up done, you can hop over to my Facebook page and see some stuff that's going on - be sure to "like" me as I am sure I will have give-a-ways and coupons going through there soon!!

Here are some of the products that just released....

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hi ladies -

I am going to be opening a store soon and they don't currently have a site CT, so I need a team! I have recently been participating in a few design contests - so you can see my kits here on my blog - just scroll down!

Take a peek and if you like - please send me
  • your name
  • a link to your best gallery
  • other teams you're on
  • a little about you
  • and why you'd like to be on my team.
  • I would also like you to attached your current favorite/best layout to your email.
  • I'm new and just starting out - so I need people who can "share" on FB, reply to ISO threads, etc to get my name out. I am also in need of a CT lead, so if you have experience - please say so.

You can send the email to me at scrap-a-doodle at hotmail dot com.

I can't wait to see your applications!

Please submit by October 1st.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Next Designer Contest - Round 4

Okay peeps - I made it to Round 4!! I am very excited! But, unfortunately this evening not feeling overly well, so it's going to be a short post.

Here's my contest entry - you can download it HERE **links expired**

Here's the freebie - an extra alphabet to coordinate with Optimistic! You can download the alphabet HERE **links expired**

Thanks for taking the time to stop by - I always appreciate it. Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Next Designer Contest - Round 3

Okay - I made it to Round 3!!! One more round cut to go and I will be in line for the prize!! Challenge this week was 4 papers and 10 elements (No extras!). No commercial use products were allowed of ANY kind! So I made it nice and papery for you!!

Anyway - here's my entry:

You will need to go HERE to download it...and of course - a freebie for you:

To get the freebie - please download HERE **download links expired**

Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know what you think!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Next Designer Contest - Round 2

Well...I made it to Round 2!! Very excited, I must say! you will see, this is not my normal packaging - but that was part of the challenge. I really like how this kit came out - we were given a theme and title, both of which are SUMMER AFTERNOON. We had to use the packaging provided and they didn't leave us a spot to put the kit name and basically told us to be creative - so I was!

So - here's my entry:

And of course, I have a freebie for you:

You will need to go to the Studio gallery HERE **download links expired** to get the kit and you can click HERE **download links expired** for the entry.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your support!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dream Big and a FREEBIE!!

Hi everybody!

As you will see below, I have been doing a bunch of design stuff, but I am still on some Creative Teams as well! One of my newest ones is DREAM BIG DESIGNS and let me tell you, Cheri's designs are AWESOME!!

First, let me show you the layouts I have done with her designs...this first one uses her SUCH A SMARTY PANTS kit, which can be found HERE:

This next one uses the Scrap Matters Mix A Kit items - DANDELION DREAMS. Here are the links for the PAPERS, ELEMENTS, GRAFFITI and ALPHA

And last but not least, here is your FREEBIE!! It uses her Bike & Trike kit, which was also a Mix A Kit at ScrapMatters. Here are the links for her pieces: PATTERNED PAPERS, ELEMENTS, GRAFFITI and SOLID GRUNGY PAPERS.

Click on the image for the download!

Thanks for stopping by!